System Technica Profile

SYSTEM TECHNICA holds a leading position in the Greek Building Materials Industry since 1996. The company is constantly making significant investments, in know-how and research with the aim of optimizing the quality of the produced products. Moreover, it acquires modern mechanical equipment that in combination with its long-lasting experience ensures the constant high quality of its products. For that reason, the company has been certified by the Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2015. The admixtures used for the production of the mortars are German, Swiss and Swedish of the best chemical companies. All products produced are certified, bearing the CE marking. The production flexibility of SYSTEM TECHNICA as well as the wide network of sales that the company has developed in Greece and in the markets abroad to ensure the direct delivery of the products, having always as its guide the best possible customer service. The company has been active for 27 years in the production of mortars and building materials with exports to Balkans, Europe, Arab countries and most recently to South East Asian countries sush as Thailand.