First Tiles & Moulds since 1968


STORISMENOS BROS S.A. Tiling Company was founded in 1968 and has gradually reached the point today where it holds a leading position in the Greek building materials industry. STORISMENOS BROS S.A. has a strong presence in the domestic and international market with exports since 1977 to all countries of the Middle East and North Africa and participations in the largest paving projects throughout Greece such as the historic center of Athens, museums, ports, universities, parks, hospitals, squares, art centers and many restorations of listed buildings. STORISMENOS BROS S.A. Tiling Company produces Mosaic Tiles, Cool Materials, Anti-slip Paving Slabs, Pebble Slabs, Polished Slabs, Terrace Slabs. It has modern mechanical equipment which is constantly renewed so that its products meet modern quality requirements and specifications. For this reason the company is certified with the ISO 9001/2008 quality assurance system and all its products have CE marking certificates. The flexibility of its production and the wide sales and storage network that the company has developed in Greece and in foreign markets, allow the immediate delivery of its products to these markets, always with a view to providing the best service to its customers.
The first Greek Building Materials Company at the Dubai World Trade Centre

Fisrt prospectus 1977

Prospectus in Arabic & English

Exports to all Arab Countries since 1977