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STORISMENOS BROS S.A. Tiling Company was founded in 1968 and gradually reached the point today to hold a leading position in the Greek building materials industry. It has modern mechanical equipment which is constantly renewed so that its products meet modern quality requirements and specifications. For this reason, the company has been certified with the ISO 9001/2015 quality assurance system and the corresponding quality certificates (CE) for each of its products and according to ISO 14001: 2015 for its environmental management system. STORISMENOS BROS S.A. Tiling Company has a strong presence in the domestic and international market with exports to all Arab countries and North African countries, presence in the largest paving projects in Greece such as the historic center of Athens, museums, art museums, multi-places of art, universities, airports, ports and many renovations of listed buildings. STORISMENOS BROS S.A. Tiling Company produces Mosaic Tiles, Cool Materials, Anti-slip Paving Slabs, Pebble Slabs, Polished Slabs, Terrace Slabs. In 2014 in cooperation with the research and development department, it proceeded to the production of cement slabs with photocatalytic properties, the so-called cold materials, further increasing its vertical integration in the field.The products are certified on the basis of laboratory structural according to the international standards ASTM E-903-96 and ASTM G159-98. TECHNICAL SUPPORT The company has a technical department for information and training of engineers and applicators which provides its services in shops, technical chambers, construction projects and wherever else it may be useful for any clarification
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